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Selecting an Agent

To Potential Sellers:

Who should you hire to represent you in the sale of your highest valued asset? The real estate business is very interesting and people make their decisions based on all kinds of different and interesting factors, influences, and perceptions. When I speak with most people they have been contacting several agents from various sources; friends that are agents, family members that are agents, referrals from friends and co-workers etc. The common thread is that they all express reservations regarding the expertise of these agents and their local real estate knowledge, or lack thereof.

My feedback is always simple:

Selecting a real estate agent is a decision that only you can assess and must come to terms with. Usually, your home is the most valuable asset that you deal with in your lifetime. A good business decision should be based on sound business practices. Selecting a professional with experience, expertise, and local knowledge is a course of action that is always recommended, and seldom regretted. If you exercise these basic principles, your decision should provide confidence, not reservations. Choosing someone based out of obligation usually goes against sound business practices and may prove to do more harm than good in the long and short run.

So I always ask this simple question -

If one of your children needed surgery, would you select a doctor who was casually referred to you by a co-worker or an acquaintance? Would you select a friend or family member out of obligation? Or, would you do some research and find the best possible surgeon for the task and treatment required? Hiring a friend, family member, or acquaintance, is often a path that can lead to deteriorating relationships, not building them. A true friend would certainly recommend that you go with the most qualified physician/surgeon to handle your child’s surgery! That friend would encourage you to find the most qualified surgeon who has the necessary skills and expertise to provide the best level of care possible!

My clients hire me to represent them because I am the top professional in our area. My track record is tangible proof of my experience and expertise. My clients have the confidence of knowing that when they hire me, they have done their research and found the best possible person for the job.

Last, but not least! As a real estate professional, I do not try and assess value or assume to know your particular set of circumstances without gathering all of the facts. I suggest that every seller of real property should do the same; gather the facts, exercise due diligence, and select the best candidate for the job.


Best Regards,

Dana Lykins