2017 - West Roseville - Listing Shortage!!!

Will this Significantly Drive Home Values Up in 2017?

Equity gains have been moderate in West Roseville during 2016. Values have increased by a total of approximately 5% to 7% over the last year.  The lower price ranges ($300K - $450K) have seen the gains closer to the 10% range, as the higher price ranges ($450K & up) have trended toward the 4% to 5% range.

Great News! - The vast majority of property owners in West Roseville now have equity in their homes as Short Sales and Foreclosures are now extremely rare in our real estate market.  The shortage of homes available for sale is continuing to keep prices up and our market has been stable through 2016.  Buyers continue to have limited choices due to lack of inventory which is keeping the current market advantage in the seller's favor. 

If you are currently considering selling your property now might just be your optimum timing.  With low interest rates, very few homes available, and many buyers looking to purchase, now is definitely a window of opportunity.  If you are an empty nester, or moving out of the area, this is an excellent time to put your property on the market. I can sell your property quickly for "Top Dollar" under this favorable set of circumstances and you will "Cash-out" with your maximum equity!  As always, be aware timing is everything in real estate and the market can change quickly, up one season and down the next!  To make a wise decision gather your information diligently; call me for assistance and market expertise!

Are you looking to move-up and remain in this area?  Be cautious as you will face the challenge of becoming a buyer in a very competitive market.  Please call me today to review your situation and the position that this market will put you into as a buyer or seller.  I have an extensive compilation of market statistics and facts that will help you make the best decision under these circumstances. Put my 27 years worth of experience on your side to make an informed and wise decision! 

As always, I am happy to schedule an appointment to review your situation and provide assistance that is most beneficial to you!  916-781-6998 or email me at Dana@SeeDana.com


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